Carmenta ControlTower™

Situational awareness for connected and automated fleets

Traffic control towers require a thorough understanding of the real-time operating environment of their controlled vehicles. Carmenta ControlTower™ provides operators and fully automated systems with complete situational awareness to constantly ensure vehicle safety and efficiency.

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Better than a bird’s eye view

Carmenta ControlTower™ extends Carmenta TrafficWatch™ with automated tools for optimised decision-making in the management and operation of any CAV (Connected and Automated Vehicles) fleet. Carmenta ControlTower™ collects information from any CAV and can collaborate in real-time with other parts of a fleet management centre, such as planning and logistics modules, delivery management, and ERP systems. CAVs are safely monitored, leveraging sensor data and continuous analysis of the physical environment. Deployed as a set of cloud services, Carmenta ControlTower™ offers a secure and scalable solution for the safer and more efficient operation of vehicle fleets.


  • Virtual control room for remote fleet operation
  • Keep track of individual CAVs in a larger operation
  • Analyse how external factors influence ongoing operations
  • Better planning of operations based on knowledge about the overall traffic situation
  • Facilitate automated decisions for autonomous fleets
  • Ease collaboration through the sharing of information
  • Built-in connectors to external data sources
  • Detect disruptions and act before these affect operations
  • Speed up fleet delivery while maintaining quality
  • See beyond sensors
  • Utilise eye-in-the-sky and a virtual control room for remote operation
  • Facilitate automated decisions for autonomous driving
  • Resolve and remedy CAV breakdowns
  • Back up CAV operation in the cloud

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