Stellantis powers C-ITS services with Carmenta TrafficWatch

November 14, 2023

Automotive, Carmenta ControlTower, Carmenta TrafficWatch

Stellantis 2

Stellantis, one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, has started tests and evaluation of Carmenta Automotive’s product Carmenta TrafficWatchTM for cooperative ITS services. The test will be performed at Stellantis CRF research facilities in Trento, Italy, utilizing its cutting-edge test vehicles and digital infrastructure, fortified by Vehicle-to-Network connectivity.

Björn Berndtsson, President & CEO of Carmenta Automotive, says, “Carmenta Automotive takes immense pride in joining hands with Stellantis for this pivotal activity dedicated to advancing road safety. We eagerly anticipate working in close partnership with Stellantis to underscore the significance of C-ITS messaging and local hazard warnings, also effecting Euro NCAP scoring”.


About Carmenta Automotive:

Carmenta Automotive provides cutting edge cloud software products for safe and efficient operations of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Maps, road and vehicle sensor data, traffic information, weather information, video streams and more are combined into a situational awareness picture, that together with the decision taking engine deliver real-time advice and long-distance planning for efficient operations of CAVs.

We provide situational awareness beyond vehicle sensor range.


About Carmenta TrafficWatch:

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ is a cutting-edge cloud software that collects, fuses and analyses data from vehicles and road networks, to give Connected and Autonomous Vehicles situational awareness beyond its own vehicle’s sensors. It provides invaluable situational awareness and decision support that elevates efficient and safe driving.