Carmenta Engine for Android

Mission critical mobile applications

Components and tools that enable software developers to rapidly add 2D and 3D map displays and other geospatial functions to a wide range of mission critical mobile applications.

Carmenta Engine is known for its high performance maps and around the clock reliability. Systems based on Carmenta Engine are in use all over the world, in mission critical defence and security applications.

Carmenta Engine for Android™ means this proven technology is now available for mobile application development. As a result, software developers no longer have to compromise on functionality just because their applications are targeting tablets, smartphones, vehicle mounted displays or other Android based systems.

Carmenta Engine enables maps to be combined from a number of different sources in a single map display. You can use vector based street maps from sources like Navteq and OpenStreetMap together with nautical charts, high-resolution imagery and digital elevation models. Data can be read from over 70 different data formats.

It supports both online and offline operation. Online devices can read maps and geospatial data directly from Carmenta Server or other OGC compliant map servers.

A versatile map packaging mechanism makes it easy to distribute maps to offline devices. Map packages can be dynamically created from OGC compliant map servers or exported from GIS desktop applications.

It uses the battery efficiently, thanks to a core written entirely in low-level code, multiple CPU core execution, hardware accelerated graphics and a map packaging process that creates highly optimised maps.

The integrated handling of moving objects on the map facilitates rapid development of fleet and asset tracking with excellent performance.

It is easy for applications to use the Carmenta Engine Android API together with other device APIs, for example for GPS location, compass, camera or other device sensors.