Carmenta Engine - 3D Extension

The Carmenta Engine 3D Extension makes it easy to create stunning 3D maps, without the need for 3D modelling. Generate realistic 3D environments using any 2D or 3D geospatial data format supported by Carmenta Engine.


The 3D ground surface is generated on the fly using either elevation raster data or 3D point clouds, and can be textured with any combination of 2D map layers.

The generated ground surface can be seamlessly combined with detailed 3D meshes, e.g. to display 3D city models.

3D models in OpenFlight, COLLADA, OBJ, 3D Studio, glTF  and VRML formats can be used to represent objects like aircrafts and vehicles in the view. 3D features can also be automatically created from 2D data. For example, you can easily generate blocks of buildings from 2D building outlines or semi-transparent areas that represent specific airspace zones in an aeronautical map.

The Visibility Extension makes it possible to perform real time line-of-sight calculations on detailed 3D mesh data.

The Terrain Warning Extension enables the 3D environment to be dynamically colourised according to the distance from the aircraft.
For an even more realistic environment, Carmenta Engine 3D maps can be integrated with SilverLining™ from Sundog Software to give your maps natural-looking weather conditions.