Carmenta Engine – Nautical Chart Extension

Combine S-57 and S-63 Charts with Maps and Overlays

The Carmenta Engine Nautical Chart Extension is a supplementary package for adding nautical charts to Carmenta Engine-based applications. The extension provides native, high-performance reading and rendering of maritime data according to the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S-57, S-63 and S-52 standards.

Combine charts and maps

Many Command and Control systems lack adequate map presentation over maritime areas. Conversely, the map display in many maritime systems would benefit from data sources like satellite imagery and town plans.

The Nautical Chart Extension bridges this gap by enabling systems to combine S-57 and S-63 charts with maps in any of the 70+ formats supported by Carmenta Engine.

The Nautical Chart Extension supports both ENC and NATO AML (Additional Military Layers) S-57 layers, as well as commercial charts protected by the S-63 Data Protection Scheme.

Cost effective data management

One of the greatest benefits of using the extension is that it allows you to read the maritime data directly from the S-57 or S-63 files. This means that time consuming offline data preparation work can be eliminated altogether. When you receive charts from the data provider, just copy them to your computer and they will immediately be available in your system.

Standardised chart presentation

The extension provides ready-to-use nautical chart presentation according to the S-52 Presentation Library 4.0 and the NATO AML Portrayal Specification 2.0. It is also possible to apply custom processing and visualisation to individual S-57 features using the complete Carmenta Engine function set, e.g. to remove or highlight certain objects.

Real time performance

The Nautical Chart Extension benefits from the full set of performance-enhancing features contained in Carmenta Engine. These include hardware accelerated graphics, multi-core support and sophisticated caching. This means that the charts can be used for real time and rotating moving map systems with outstanding results.

Ongoing development

The Carmenta Engine Nautical Extension is under active development to meet the needs of our customers. Work is currently ongoing to add support for the S-102 Bathymetric Surface Product Specification.