Carmenta Engine – Extensions for Terrain Analysis

Efficient utilisation of terrain and obstacle data sources is a key feature in a lot of aeronautical applications. Implementation of these functionalities has been streamlined in the Vertical Profile, Vertical Clearance and Terrain Warning Extensions for Carmenta Engine, saving you valuable development time.

The terrain analysis extensions all benefit from Carmenta Engine’s core functionality. Terrain and obstacle data can be accessed in real time, using any of the 70 geospatial data formats that Carmenta Engine supports, including common military formats like Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED).

In addition, outputs from other Carmenta Engine analyses, such as the line-of-sight functionality, can be used as a terrain analysis input, to answer questions like, “does the route intersect the line of sight of any threats?”

Vertical Profile Extension

The Vertical Profile Extension generates a vertical profile of a corridor along a route, cutting through both raster and vector data sources.

The resulting profile view constitutes a separate Carmenta Engine map, making it easy to apply the same visualisation to the profile as the 2D and 3D maps.

Vertical Clearance Extension

The Vertical Clearance Extension complements the vertical profile functionality by calculating the terrain and obstacle clearances of a corridor along a route. The result of the clearance calculation can be visualised as overlays in a 2D map, e.g. to provide decision support during mission planning.

Terrain Warning Extension

The Terrain Warning Extension enables you to apply a colour-coded terrain awareness visualisation to both 2D and 3D views. This configurable colour-coding functionality is dynamically updated as the aircraft position and altitude changes.