Carmenta Engine – Visibility Analysis Extension

Visibility Analysis

The Carmenta Engine Visibility Analysis Extension allows you to perform high performance visibility calculations in both 2D maps and 3D city environments.

The line-of-sight calculation uses elevation data to compute the regions that have a free line of sight to the position of an observer. The computation is extremely rapid – it is designed to be computed on the fly for moving objects. Multi-resolution data sources can be used to further improve the performance of the calculation.

The result of the calculation consists of raster values that specify at which altitude an object has to be in order to be seen at a certain position. This can be used to create a colour coded display of the result. The result can also be intersected and visualised in a vertical profile. Many configurable sensor parameters, such as lobe size, maximum range and refraction means that the calculation can also be used for determining the line of sight from regular or

phased array radar systems.


In 3D, the line-of-sight analysis can be performed directly on the ground meshes that have been loaded into the view. This allows for a very accurate result, especially when used with detailed 3D city models.


The extension provides high performance calculation of intravisibility between multiple moving objects -especially useful for target tracking. Another component makes it possible to determine the optimal positions

for surveying a specific area. Also included in the extension is functionality for computing the shadows cast by terrain features such as mountains on a specific time and day.