Carmenta Map Builder

An easy-to-use application that enables end users to prepare and deploy background maps to their Carmenta based applications.

  • Requires minimal training
  • Quickly creates efficient maps that are easy to distribute
  • Maps are ready for publishing as web services in Carmenta Server

Carmenta’s geospatial technology is known for its high performance and round the clock reliability, which is why it is used in mission critical systems for defence and security applications all around the world.

With Carmenta Map Builder, it is now much easier to prepare background maps for these systems, even for people who are new to GIS. By streamlining the map preparation process, it also saves valuable time for these end users.

Maps can be created from a range of different sources, for example vector-based maps from sources like Navteq and OpenStreetMap can be combined with nautical charts, highresolution imagery and digital elevation models.

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up custom symbology and legends for the map, and structured metadata, such as data validity and publisher information, can also be added.

Built-in data analysis and validation functions ensure that maps prepared in Carmenta Map Builder are as efficient as possible when used in the target system.

For even greater performance in the target system, Carmenta Map Builder can generate optimised, pre-rendered Map Packages from the source data.

Carmenta Map Builder automatically packages the maps for easy deployment to the target system. Built-in support for generating Windows Installer (MSI) files means the maps can be distributed using standard Microsoft technology on supported platforms.

The maps are also fully compatible with Carmenta Server. Once they have been deployed to a map server, they can be published as Open Geospatial Consortium compliant web services straight away.