Situational awareness – whenever, wherever

Carmenta Mission ToGo™

Carmenta Mission ToGo™ is an advanced multiplatform application for mobile mission management. It supports task forces in the field with one common knowledge base for real-time mission information and geodata. Moment to moment, the application enables teams to work together as efficiently as possible when a mission is in progress. 

The UI is specifically designed for fast-moving and crisis situations. The application can be used on mobile devices in the field and desktops within a command center.  

Thanks to its multiplatform design, Carmenta Mission ToGo™ is easy to deploy on iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android and web browsers. The application can be used as a stand-alone mission management system or be fully integrated into your dispatcher system.


Key Features of Carmenta Mission ToGoTM

  • Create and manage missions.
  • Manage command structures and resources.
  • Manage orders.
  • Send messages.
  • Distribute videos, photos and documents.
  • Create accurate situational pictures.


Case and Mission Management

Carmenta Mission ToGo™ enables task forces in action to quickly and easily create, receive and manage missions and cases. To harmonize the flow of information and facilitate collaboration, multiple missions can be combined into one case. This allows multiple teams to share information and work together as efficiently as possible.

User and vehicle positions can be visualized on the map in real time, creating an up-to-date picture of the availability and location of resources.


Mission Data

In real time, users can share and display information such as the mission’s location, address and topic – as well as more complex data like photos, videos and documents. These are directly distributed among the team and downloaded automatically.


Tactical Awareness

To ensure a high level of tactical awareness, Carmenta Mission ToGo™ lets users draw tactical symbols as graphics directly on the map and create multiple layers for each mission. Changes are distributed immediately. This ensures an always up-to-date situational picture for all mission participants. Predefined templates help to quickly create a situational picture for known objects and cases.


Messages and Orders

Carmenta Mission ToGo™ lets users communicate through messages when a mission or case is in progress. Context-sensitive messaging allows participants to communicate and give orders on an individual, group, mission or case level. Users can also prioritize, manage, follow up on, and assign locations to messages and orders. Push notifications can be used to keep participants up to date about important developments.


Navigation and Address Search

Turn-by-turn navigation helps users efficiently find their way to wherever a mission or order requires. To add a location to a mission or navigate to it, Carmenta Mission ToGo™ lets users search for an address by location or by text.


Role Model

The advanced role model function allows users to specify different roles and permissions within the application, mission and case.