Carmenta Server Course

Get ready to launch your maps on the web. This two-day course is designed to give developers of GIS websites and web map systems a thorough understanding of the Carmenta Server technology. A combination of theory and practical exercises ensures that attendees leave the course ready to create, launch and maintain web solutions boosted with a stateof-the-art map server.

There are a number of important elements that need to come together to make a great map-enabled application. This course teaches website constructors how to create and deploy attractive and usable maps by using the Carmenta Server with AJAX and JavaScript based client interfaces.
Our instructors are all experienced developers who have used Carmenta Server to build vivid web map applications and they are experts on the internal workings of the toolkit itself.

The course is primarily designed for web map site developers and designers, but also provides basic knowledge for server administration tasks. Participants should preferably have a basic knowledge about the concepts in Carmenta’s geospatial technology. Some programming experience (e.g. C# and Visual Studio/.Net) is also preferred.

The ‘Carmenta Server’ course is run several times a year at Carmenta’s offices in Sweden, Germany and France. This course can also be taught on your own premises, offering the additional benefit of being able to customise the course contents to fit the needs of your map designers.

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  • Carmenta Server fundamentals. Get to know the different parts of the product, including a brief introduction to the overall concepts in Carmenta’s geospatial technology.
  • Custom Objects. Learn how to extend Carmenta Engine functionality with itsCustom Objects plug-in architecture.
  • Carmenta Server Configuration. A number of exercises that teach you how to configure maps for publication.
  • Carmenta Server Administration. Learn how to administrate, configure and monitor your Carmenta Server site.
  • High-performance Setups. Teaches you to set up a hardware and software environment for maximum performance and reliability, and to tailor the environment to your needs.
  • The Web Map Client. Get insight into the AJAX based web map client and how it allows you to control layers and overview maps. Hands-on exercises show you how to integrate a map into a website.