Carmenta Group

Sea Traffic Management Validation Project

February 26, 2019


The Sea Traffic Management Validation Project is demonstrating the Sea Traffic Management concept in a large-scale test beds. 

Partners: Over 70 partners from 13 countries representing private, public and academic sectors.

Objective: The STM Validation Project will demonstrate the STM concept in large-scale test beds in both the Nordic and Mediterranean Seas, encompassing around 300 vessels, 13 ports and 5 shore based service centres as well as using the European Maritime Simulator Network. The key strategic enablers of STM will be tested and validated.

The STM Validation Project has a total budget of approximately 43 million euros. 50% is co-financed by the EU (Connecting Europe Facility/Motorways of the Sea)

Project duration: January 2015 – September 2019

During the project Carmenta have focused on the SAR functionality to digital transmission of search patterns and search areas etc. A service publishing search areas was produced and tested live in vessels and ship simulator systems.

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