Geospatial Container Orchestration Optimisation

Gothenburg, Stockholm, Paris, Munich

Server software today is moving away from a monolithic architecture towards a modular and container-based one. This trend is expected to grow and eventually replace the traditional architecture. Carmenta Server, Carmenta’s web map server, is following this trend and will in the future support a more modular installation and deployment, based on the Docker container framework.
One of the goals with a container-based architecture is to dynamically scale the number of active containers at a given time to optimise resource utilisation, being able to handle all current load levels regardless of peak/off-peak hours while at the same time not allocate system resources unnecessarily.
The purpose of the master’s thesis is to investigate methods to dynamically analyse both historic and current load level information, in order to predict and proactively ensure that the correct number of containers are always active at a given time.

This thesis work is suitable for students with strong programming skills and interest in large distributed software systems.


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