Group Interaction on Large Multi-Touch Displays

Gothenburg, Stockholm, Paris, Munich

Large, multi-touch displays are fairly commonplace these days. But there is a growing demand for tabletop, i.e. horizontally-mounted, touchscreens that an entire group of people can gather round and interact with, for example, when using a map application. However, most multi-touch interfaces are not designed for multiple simultaneous user interactions within the same application at the same time without some degree of interference. In order to get around this problem, the most common solution is for users to simply take turns, so that only one user is interacting with the multi-touch table at any given time, making this an extremely inefficient process.

The purpose of this Master’s Thesis is to explore potential solutions to this problem and methods that would allow multiple users to work simultaneously within a single map application running on a multi-touch table, and work more efficiently as a result.

This thesis work is suitable for students with strong programming skills and interest in collaborative User Experience design (UX).


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