Real-time Situational Awareness for Automated Vehicles


As we move towards a connected and self-driving future, a new class of technology is needed for safe, efficient and smart traffic operations. How do we make an automated world even safer than our current one? Carmenta’s cloud-based technology gives connected and automated vehicles awareness of their surroundings – far beyond line of sight of the on-board sensors. We develop situational awareness solutions to make connected and automated vehicles safer, smarter and more efficient.


We are constantly on the lookout for talented people with the right background and skills and now we are specifically interested in Master’s Thesis projects within the areas of:

  • Real-time geospatial information handling of multiple data sources in a microservices architecture
  • Optimization of dynamic incident handling and warnings in a in an event-driven microservices architecture


The Master’s Thesis results are expected to be applied in areas such as those:


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