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Carmenta Public Safety secures cardiac arrest assistance

May 18, 2020

Carmenta CoordCom, Public Safety

When a cardiac arrest occurs, Carmenta Public Safety enables the Danish pre-hospital emergency centre in region Zealand to quickly reach CPR-trained volunteers (first responders). As the primary link in the ‘chain of survival’, first responders provide life-saving early assistance until the ambulance arrives. This means that connecting first responders with emergency dispatch operators is vital.
In 2019, an integration partnership with some volunteer rescue organisations was launched, covering one area. Now, in just a few clicks, operators can reach all volunteer responders in all areas who are in close proximity to the person in need of help.

How it works
Operators receive an alarm in their emergency system, Carmenta CoordCom and ResQMap. The system seamlessly sends the victim’s precise location and any remarks to volunteer rescue organisations, which will then notify appropriate first responders out in the field. This secures CPR or AED assistance until the ambulance arrives, dramatically increasing the chances of survival.

The solution has now been extended to other volunteer rescue organisations, TrygFondenHjerteløber and HjerteAssistance, widening the pool of first responders. As a result, operators can not only securely reach help faster but also track the location of all responders.

During cardiac arrest, the chances of survival decrease by 10% each minute that passes without help. Because rendering early CPR can mean the difference between life and death, Carmenta Public Safety is proud to enable faster support in those critical first minutes.

“In cardiac arrest situations, we are now able to alert volunteer first aid helpers in a swift and intuitive way, across regional borders.” Kasper Thrane, Funktionsansvarlig Paramediciner. Region Sjælland Præhospitalt Center

For further information:
Johan Hedensiö, CEO Carmenta Public Safety AB
telephone +46 72 234 17 85
email: johan.hedensio@carmenta.com

About Region Zealand
Region Zealand is one of five regions in Denmark and is responsible for all healthcare within its geographical boundary. Part of their mission concerns pre-hospital healthcare i.e. ambulance services.
In region Zealand, the medical professionals are co-located with the technical ambulance dispatchers in the ambulance centre in Næsved and they share the same IT system (CoordCom and ResQMap), which optimizes the workflows. It’s about 20 operator seats in the centre. The customer can do all kinds of collaboration through the system by sharing information about cases, adding resources to cases, sending case information to ambulances etc. All operators have access to all relevant data in real-time, along with map data that are identical in both the centre and out in the ambulances.

About Carmenta
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