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Carmenta renews long-term partnership with SOS Alarm Sverige

September 25, 2019

Carmenta CoordCom, Carmenta Group, Public Safety

Carmenta Public Safety AB and SOS Alarm Sverige AB have agreed to renew and further develop their long standing partnership, under a new five-year agreement.

Under the agreement, Carmenta will continue to supply SOS Alarm with Carmenta CoordCom™; its world-leading solution for 112 response, now further enhanced with next generation technology and a new modern User Interface. In addition, SOS Alarm will be deploying Carmenta’s new Web API solution, enabling quick development of web and mobile applications.

The partnership rests firmly on both parties’ commitment to explore and deploy the latest technical innovations to stay at the very forefront of 112 Emergency Response and Emergency/Crisis Preparedness. The agreement means an even closer partnership between the organisations, creating significant synergies and operational leverage to further strengthen the world-leading Swedish 112 operation.