Carmenta Group

Carmenta Response to the Corona Virus Situation

March 26, 2020

Carmenta retains normal operations

The world is in the midst of an extremely challenging time with the spread of COVID-19. It has big effects on our everyday life all around the world. For Carmenta we focus on the safety and well-being of our employees, the safeguarding of our customer commitments and our partners. We are continuously monitoring the situation and carefully adhering to the advice and regulations issued by the official authorities.

Carmenta have launched recommended and best practice measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, families, customers and communities whilst continuing to meet our commitments to customers. Our mitigation strategies encompass employee preparation, travel, remote-work environment, communications and videoconferencing.

All Carmenta offices are fully operational through a combination of limited personnel on-site and working from home. Our IT infrastructure and backup systems are under constant supervision and serves us and our customers well and according to plan. Our research and development experts are carrying out normal operations and we are continuing to stay close to our customers to understand their needs and to support them in the best possible way.

Please let us know if, for example, we can facilitate your operations by issuing temporary Carmenta SW licenses to facilitate a home work environment. For our customers operating emergency response systems, please let us know if you need extra temporary operator licenses to handle increased call taking volumes.

It is impossible to predict how the future will unfold. Carmenta and its professional and dedicated team will stay focussed on our business and continue to deliver products and services whilst minimizing risk to our employees and society.

Stay safe and take good care of each other.

Björn Berndtsson
President & CEO, Carmenta Group