Public Safety

CoordCom 20.09 released

October 26, 2020

Carmenta CoordCom

Carmenta is pleased to announce the release of CoordCom 20.09, our emergency response product suite. The following features headline the release:

Detection of duplicate cases

The support for making a call taker aware that the current call is reporting an incident that was already created and managed in the system is extended in this release. A new case view layout block is included with an
elaborate way of detecting possible duplicate cases, based on configurable templates.


CoordCom can in this release receive AML message via HTTPS (as well as via SMS). When the HTTPS message is received, further information, such as bearing and speed, can be presented to the operator answering the 112 call.

A-number based distribution

It is now possible to configure that incoming telephone calls shall be distributed to operators depending on the caller’s telephone number. The caller’s telephone number will be compared to configurable A-number patterns and if there is a match, the telephone call is distributed according to the configuration.

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