Public Safety

Fantastic show at AmbulanseForum in Oslo

September 27, 2019

Carmenta CoordCom, Carmenta ResQMobile, Public Safety

At Carmenta we are pleased to announce another successful show at this fantastic event, read more about AmbulanseForum here. We always enjoy engaging in discussions with all the ambulance staff categories at Ambulanseforum in Norway. On the agenda at the exhibition were demonstrations of CoordCom, ResQMap, ResQMobile and Carmenta’s new Web UI (PoliceTool). Last but not least, Carmenta is proud to strengthen the partnership with Ortivus and to demonstrating the new integration with Ortivus MobiMed. The partnership enables delivery of a total solution with map, navigation, monitoring and electronic patient records to the prehospital market for support in the front and back of the ambulance. For more info about our partership read more here.