Carmenta CoordCom

Carmenta CoordCom

Get it right at every step.

With CoordCom, call takers and dispatchers can control and coordinate the entire chain of emergency or incident events, from receiving and identifying an incoming emergency call or sensor alarm to dispatching the right resources to the incident location.

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Carmenta CoordCom serves as the technological foundation of emergency response systems across the globe. It is a flexible, comprehensive solution that can be integrated with existing communication and geospatial information infrastructure, resulting in a single reliable and powerful system. Carmenta CoordCom helps public safety organisations conduct smarter and more efficient emergency response operations.

3 reasons to choose CoordCom

Shorter response time

Time is the most important factor in an emergency response. Carmenta CoordCom speeds up every aspect of emergency response, thanks to features that include automatic call distribution, advanced maps, two-way case communication, and access to real-time information for everyone involved.

A unified solution for your evolving needs

CoordCom can be adapted and scaled to your needs, with the scope ranging from single-user up to a system that serves thousands of users with the highest possible level of availability. It also has integrated functions for telephony, radio, and data communication.

Proven in crisis

Carmenta CoordCom is an adaptation of technology deployed in mission-critical defence systems for 30+ years. Failure is not an option and 24/7 reliabilility is non-negotiable. We are passionate about building solutions for this life-saving business area, providing solutions that are both cutting-edge and unquestionabily reliable.


  • Incident management
  • Resource/dispatch management
  • Integrated communications for current and future standards within analogue and digital radio, telephony, IP telephony, and data communication
  • Multi-agency support
  • Automatic alarm management
  • Free geographical seating within an all IP architecture
  • Scalability, enabling installations for local, regional and nationwide operations
  • Integrates with existing communication infrastructure



ResQMap - map functionality extension for Carmenta CoordCom

The ResQMap extension equips Carmenta CoordCom with a multi-user map display. This extension is often used in command and control centres to support emergency call-taking and ambulance dispatch. It is also used in applications related to critical infrastructure protection and border control.


ResQServices - flexible APIs for CoordCom

The ResQServices platform is a new extension of Carmenta CoordCom that enables our customers to set up secure external APIs for their public safety services. These APIs have been designed to make it easy to create high performing web pages, web apps, mobile apps or communication with external systems.


Media Communications Platform

The Media Communications Platform extension for Carmenta CoordCom is a communication server that uses SIP as the signalling standard together with a wide range of supported codecs. MCP is designed for mission-critical communication, and has several features specific to emergency response.

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