ResQMobile - use case

Our way to mission success

When a mission begins, every second is vital, and all decisions may have major consequences. Carmenta and Ortivus (our partner) are creating a total solution that provides everyone in the prehospital workflow with complete decision support. The result is a more efficient workflow and updated information for everyone involved.

An efficient workflow with correct information

When someone dials for an ambulance in the event of an emergency, a workflow is initiated, and multiple tasks are assigned to different healthcare professionals. “Mission success” is always the shared goal of everyone involved. Multiple factors influence the ability to achieve this goal, but without a doubt, every single decision in the workflow is significant – and every second that is saved is of great value.

In order to successfully carry out their responsibilities within the workflow, it is important that all involved are able to make the right decision at the right time. How decisions are made is dependent upon information received from other people or systems in the workflow.

Accurate information and two-way communication lead to better decision-making. As information is updated, the workforce will develop a better understanding of the situation. The ability to share and update information is crucial for correct prioritisation, time-saving and mission success. This is especially important in the event of major emergencies involving duty officers, police, first responders, sea rescue services, etc.

Our solution gives healthcare professionals access to a decision support system that covers the entire continuum of care. This includes an overview of the ongoing situation and the organisation at the scene, patient records, expert advice, real-time vital signs, patient management, dynamic routing with arrival time calculations and much more.

By working with a holistic approach to the continuum of care and ensuring two-way communication throughout the entire workflow, we can create a way to mission success, read more.