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Mission Critical

Geospatial Technologies

In certain contexts, high performance and reliability are non-negotiables. We build technology for these specific contexts.

Our software development kits make it possible to rapidly create and deploy state-of-the-art 2D/3D geospatial applications, and build advanced geospatial Command & Control and intelligence systems.

These components and solutions are commonly deployed in defence, traffic (air, sea and land) and security applications.

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Beyond line of sight


As we move towards a connected and self-driving future, a new class of technology is needed for safe, smart traffic operations.

We serve as a technology partner for the vehicle and transport industry, and other innovators who are crafting the vehicles, vessels and smart cities of today and tomorrow.

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Our legacy of innovation

With over 35 years of innovation history, we have a close watch on the future. We see paradigm shifts happening in all our areas of business and we are determined to lead the way. Have a look around our Innovation Lab to see what we’re focusing on next.

Innovation labs



May 31, 2022

UAS Safe Landing Zones

We work with a wide range of industries

Our technology serves a wide range of customers, as we adapt our platform to suit ever-expanding needs for situational awareness across the following industries:

Carmenta Automotive web


OEMs, vehicle start-ups, traffic control rooms, car-sharing services. Carmenta’s automotive technology serves all those involved in designing the connected vehicles and fleets of today and the self-driving vehicles of tomorrow.

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Carmenta Defence_web

Defence & Security

Our technology is deployed by large defence and security system integrators worldwide. Carmenta software and components are embedded in systems for C4ISR, mission-planning for fighters, UAV and commercial aircraft, artillery, air defence, BMS, and airborne surveillance systems.

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Carmenta Traffic Managemen_ web

Traffic Management

For designers and managers of transportation networks and smart city solutions, as well as traffic control towers keeping things safe and orderly on the road.

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We provide tailored software solutions using our GIS products as the core technology.

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Carmenta Public Safety_webb

Public Safety

We offer everything from complete dispatch systems to specific products and tailored software solutions using our GIS and emergency response technologies.

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Carmenta Maritime_web


Our technology is used in fleet management, route planning, command and control (C2) and search and rescue (SAR) systems, serving both public and private organisations operating vessels globally. Our offer extends from complete systems to tailored software solutions using our GIS products as the core technology.

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35+ years of mission-critical experience

We have supplied world-class software for mission-critical systems for more than 35 years. We provide high performance software products, develop client-specific solutions and offer a wide range of services that help some of the world’s most technologically-advanced customers optimise their operations using real-time geospatial information.

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