Carmenta was founded in 1985 and has built up an impressive world leading software product portfolio, used around the globe in mission critical applications. All started with a project for new fighters to the Swedish air force, which called for sophisticated real-time handling of geospatial data to create situational awareness in demanding situations. As a result thereof, Carmenta Engine was born in the mid 90’s and the product family has been growing ever since. Today Carmenta software products are operationally used in both defense and civil applications. Our customers are found in many industries e.g.: Defense (land, air, sea), Transport, Public Safety, Automotive and more. 

With the increased interest in connected and autonomous vehicles, the decision was taken to spin off Carmenta Automotive and the cloud-based product, Carmenta TrafficWatchTM.

Today, we are two companies, Carmenta Geospatial Technologies AB and Carmenta Automotive AB, providing next-level situational awareness products and services to some of the world’s most demanding customers.