Carmenta Tile Engine

Technical Preview






Your data - tiled

Geodata comes in many formats. Carmenta Tile Engine lets you tap into diverse data resources while providing a uniform map tile interface. With native support for over 80 geodata formats Carmenta Tile Engine can read your data. With your data sources loaded in tile, you can effortlessly zoom and pan your map thanks to the standardized tiled map interface. The area and scale of interest is available at a suitable level-of-detail and thanks to dynamic caching you get the best performance out of your system.



Built with Carmenta’s battle-proven mapping SDK, Carmenta Tile Engine delivers map tiles with exceptional performance. Leveraging the power of Carmenta Engine SDK, Carmenta Tile Engine supports a wide range of geographical data formats. Tile services are accessed through a lightweight and efficient REST API. Requests for popular tiles are automatically optimized using dynamic caching.


Carmenta Tile Engine offers interoperability through the open specification OGC API Tiles. This allows for other brand clients to connect and consume map tiles even if said client lacks support for the underlying data formats used. A client can load a specific map service directly or browse the available collections.


Running Carmenta Tile Engine is as easy as launching a container. Point out your existing map configurations and Carmenta Tile Engine will load and serve them to your clients. Run Carmenta Tile Engine locally or share your geodata to multiple clients in a distributed system.


We would like to hear what you have to say about Carmenta Tile Engine. A Technical Preview of Carmenta Tile Engine is therefore available for evaluation to existing SDK customers with a support & maintenance agreement. To get hold of the Technical Preview, send an request to providing your license ID. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.