Other Products from Carmenta Geospatial Technologies


Carmenta Map Builder

Prepare and deploy maps to Carmenta based systems

Carmenta’s geospatial technology is known for its high performance and round the clock reliability, which is why it is used in mission critical systems for defence and security applications all around the world.

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Carmenta Navigation Modules

Advanced geocoding and routing capabilities for any application

Carmenta Navigation Modules provide all the functionality needed for different types of address searches, such as searches with incomplete information, coordinate lookups of complete addresses (geocoding) and searches for addresses near a location (reverse geocoding). Functionality is also provided for on-road routing, with optional driving directions.

Carmenta Navigation Modules are provided as RESTful services, allowing integration with a wide range of applications and systems.

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coast guard during storm in ocean

Carmenta Weather Modules

A comprehensive solution for adding weather forecasts to desktop map applications or web GIS solutions

The modules provide all the necessary tools for automatically downloading and processing weather forecast data in GRIB format and displaying the information as fully rendered map layers – in any application or through standardised web services.

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