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Carmenta Server

Your next-level map server

Easily share your geospatial data and enhance interoperability with Carmenta Server as your centralised web map server. Powered by the Carmenta Engine map engine, Carmenta Server can read, process and render a large number of data formats – and make them available to a multitude of compatible clients as open and standardised interactive web services.

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Unlock the potential of your organisation

A straightforward set-up. Small footprint. And limitless flexibility. Designed specifically for service-oriented architectures (SOAs), Carmenta Server is the ideal tool for building and maintaining highly scalable, web-based map applications – as well as for supporting your existing map applications with centralised map services.

• Simple administration: Easy to integrate into any new or existing system architecture
• Future-proof: Modern .NET Core and ASP.NET Core architecture guarantees long-term performance
• Highly flexible licensing model: Allows easy and dynamic scaling, with no license server required to regulate access


Docker? Windows? YES

Carmenta Server can be adapted to many system configurations: Run it on a single PC or laptop. Scale it to run on large server clusters. Or deploy it in the cloud. Whatever platform you choose, the codebase – and performance – is the same.

Simply choose the product that best suits your needs

Carmenta Server for Windows: the mature and proven web map server that has been deployed in numerous mission-critical systems by customers for more than 15 years.

Carmenta Server Core for Docker containers: enables distribution and deployment of containerised geospatial services for integration with micro-service architectures. Benefits include optimised resource utilisation and higher performance, as well as high isolation and portability of containers.

supported formats

Pick a format. Any format.

If your data has coordinates, Carmenta Server can read it – in real time, with no pre-processing required. Supported formats include raster and vector data, geospatial databases, military, nautical, aeronautical and weather data, remote OGC web services and many more. The geospatial data that is read is published as different web services, including various OGC services, vector tiles services, Cesium 3D Tiles and terrain services.

Mission-critical reliability. And security.

Armed forces and emergency response systems around the world trust Carmenta Server’s steadfast reliability, 24/7 performance and ironclad security. So can you. Rest easy knowing that your sensitive data is protected by several different authentication methods, including direct active directory integration, built right into the server.

Extensions and add-ons

Create highly specialised maps

Want to go even further? Besides the base features offered by Carmenta Server, a set of extensions enables more functions such as advanced analysis packages, more geodata formats and advanced visualisation features.



Advanced geospatial analysis

With Carmenta Server, you can publish advanced geospatial analysis services, including line of sight, vertical profile, vertical clearance and heat maps, using the many built in analysis functions – or using small custom code snippets to support your own analysis algorithms.

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