Mission Planning for Uncrewed Systems

Mission planning, autonomous execution, and mission data analysis for unmanned vehicles and vessels – for air, land and sea operations.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS).
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).
  • Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV).

Supports both Human and Autonomous Decision-Making

Carmenta’s real-time geospatial analysis and routing capabilities help cope with dynamic challenges and support both human and autonomous decision-making.

Whether the mission is in reconnaissance, target tracking, intelligence gathering, perimeter surveillance, transportation, or resupply – for military or high-end civil use – Carmenta’s technologies for uncrewed systems improves the predictability and reliability of missions.

Why choose Carmenta technology

Support for UAS and other Unmanned Mission Phases

  • Mission Planning: Placement of observation points, tactical flight or terrain routing, and deconfliction, considering mission parameters, restriction areas, sensor coverage, etcetera.
  • Mission Execution: Live georeferenced videos and rerouting based on changes and unforeseen events.
  • After-action Analysis: Analyze the result of a conducted mission and feed this information into subsequent mission planning.

Featured News for Uncrewed Systems

Flying BVLOS drones within London Heathrow Airport

Operating drones in highly congested urban environments is a challenge. To do it beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and autonomously, is an even greater challenge. This is what Carmenta technology is currently being developed to address within the HADO® Project, with the goal to implement the first real-world application of such as system at London Heathrow Airport.

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Upcoming Event


For the second consecutive year, Carmenta's Geospatial Technical Paper has been chosen for presentation at the prestigious Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (AAIR) Technical Session. This year’s technical paper focuses on 'Risk-adaptive rendezvous planning for resupply missions in the battlefield'.

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