Georeferenced Video

Overlay Full Motion Videos from Any Source

Real-time video overlays can provide a critical advantage to UAV ground control stations and other systems that manage tactical video intelligence.

Overlaying Live Video Streams

Overlaying a live video stream on a map, from a UAV or other source, greatly enhances the usability of the video by immediately geo-referencing everything that happens in the video.

Modular Architecture

The modular architecture of Carmenta’s georeferenced video technology allows you to write your own code to read both the video stream and the camera metadata using any of the APIs supported by the Carmenta Engine (C++, C#, or Java). This means you can use videos from any source.

To help you get started, the functionality comes with a sample video and associated camera metadata encoded according to the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) 0601 and NATO STANAG 4609 standards.

The high-performance architecture allows full-motion video streams to be georeferenced on the fly to display the video overlay on the map.

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