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Open, flexible, and performant describes our software. But more importantly, it describes us – a company driven by developers, for developers. You see our commitment to both our customers and employees in everything we do.

Here you’ll work closely with our customers in the defense, unmanned, maritime, and public safety industries, in an innovative company with a greater purpose. We offer a workplace where your contributions are valued and your growth is prioritised.

We are committed to being a collaborative and inclusive workplace with opportunities for both professional development and a healthy work-life balance.

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Right now we don’t have any open positions, but we’re always looking for talented, motivated people to join our team. If you are interested in working at Carmenta, please e-mail us at

Do your Master Thesis at Carmenta

Error Correction of Georeferenced Photos×

A series of aerial photographs of terrain, such as frames from a video captured by a drone, can be composed together and rendered on the ground as one complete image.

Errors in recording the exact placement for these photographs can cause visible seams between them when laid out on the terrain.

The work consists of finding algorithms suitable for adjusting the placement of such photographs to make them fit together as seamlessly as possible.

The thesis should include a prototype error correction implementation in Carmenta’s geospatial technology. It is suitable for students interested in computer vision
and feature detection.

Send your application and a copy of your CV to and we will contact you as soon as possible. Make sure to mark your application with which Master Thesis you are interested in applying for.

” I’m proud to be part of Carmenta’s dynamic team, where we continuously work to provide world-leading software solutions. We’re not only developing at the forefront of technology, but also crafting products that contribute to making the world safer.”

Developer Relations Manager and Product Manager

” What I love about working at Carmenta is the variety of challenging and fulfilling projects that I get to engage in, continuously expanding my expertise in innovative technologies. The collaborative and creative environment makes Carmenta a great place to work.”

Software Engineer


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