Carmenta Engine

Software Development Kit (SDK) for real-time visualization and analysis of geospatial information.

Performant and flexible solution for maps in time-critical systems.

Carmenta Engine excels at handling live data. Create real-time visualizations by overlaying dynamic data – such as video streams and millions of radar plots – directly onto your maps.

What’s more, our real-time geospatial analytics such as line-of-sight and terrain calculations can be driven by dynamic data to provide up-to-the-minute situational awareness.

Why Choose Carmenta Engine


Proven, Reliable, Performant, and Flexible

Carmenta Engine has been designed from the ground up to be seamlessly embedded into our customers’ applications and meet the demanding requirements of mission-critical solutions. It runs on everything from high-end desktop PCs to vehicle mounted systems and Android devices.

After more than twenty years of continuous service in aeronautical, nautical, and ground systems in some of the most demanding environments across the world, it has a proven record of round-the-clock reliability.


It Speaks Your Language

Carmenta Engine is designed to support your way of working. Built with an optimized C++ core, it lets you choose the programming language and graphical user interface that best suits your project and development style.

  • Create applications using native C++, .NET, Java and Python APIs.
  • Choose from a wide range of GUI toolkits, e.g. .NET MAUI, WPF, Windows Forms, Qt, Qt Quick and Xamarin.
  • Use .NET, Java or C++ to run the same code on Windows, Linux and Android.
Hardware accelerated rendering

Built for Speed

In addition to uncompromising reliability, Carmenta Engine is built for speed. Its advanced hardware accelerated rendering and data processing capabilities let you create stunning maps in no time. And the powerful visual editor Carmenta Studio (included in the SDK) makes building and editing maps as easy as dragging and dropping objects into a map configuration.


Cloud Optimized

With Carmenta Engine, you can access your data wherever you want: locally or from a server in the cloud.

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