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Built for flexibility, robustness, and performance, our technology is integral to mission planning and execution across aeronautical, ground, and maritime operations. Whether developing solutions for air, sea, or land, crewed or uncrewed, Carmenta technology is deployed and trusted in defense systems worldwide.

Why choose Carmenta technology

Examples of defense systems where Carmenta technology improves situational awareness:

  • Aeronautical Mission Support.
  • Air Defense and Counter-UAS Solutions.
  • Battle Management and Ground Operations.
  • Unmanned Resupply Missions.
  • Intelligence Operations.

Carmenta technology supports all stages of your mission planning and execution:

  • Combine and Analyze Relevant Data Sources.
  • Combine Static and Dynamic Data Sources into a common operational picture.
  • Advanced real-time analysis.
  • Display Terrain, Weather and Aeronautical Information.

Featured News for Defense

Extended Agreement with University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Carmenta is thrilled to announce the extension of its long-standing collaboration with the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. The renewed ten-year agreement provides continued integration of the Carmenta Engine into advanced simulation environments focused on enabling future Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) Fast-Jet, Transport and Attack-Helicopter missions.

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Upcoming Event


For the second consecutive year, Carmenta's Geospatial Technical Paper has been chosen for presentation at the prestigious Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (AAIR) Technical Session. This year’s technical paper focuses on 'Risk-adaptive rendezvous planning for resupply missions in the battlefield'.

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