At Carmenta, interoperability is not an afterthought – it is at the core of how we design our products. We know that a system’s operational success is in many cases determined by how well it can interoperate with other systems in the field.

Our products do not use any proprietary storage mechanisms – we access the data in its original format, be it a local file, a geospatial database or a web service connection.

A Comprehensive Set of Standards

Carmenta Server implements a comprehensive set of standards defined by OGC, the Open Geospatial Consortium, as well as military profiles defined by DGIWG, the Defense Geospatial Working Group. And Carmenta Engine, our geospatial SDK, can natively consume data from these and many other kinds of services.

More than 100 Different Data Formats

Additionally, our market leading support for more than 100 different data formats, including industry standards from organizations such as NATO, IHO, Eurocontrol and FAA, means that file based data exchange is straightforward.

Our product management team is in frequent contact with our customers to ensure that our product suite meets current and future interoperability requirements.

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