High-Performance Rendering

Create stunning 2D and 3D maps. Fast.

Besides mission-critical reliability, Carmenta Engine is built for speed. Its advanced hardware accelerated rendering and data processing capabilities let you create stunning, responsive maps in no time.

  • Anti-aliased drawing of vector objects, semi-transparency and smoothing of raster data.
  • No flickering, even with lots of moving objects, thanks to sophisticated buffering technology.
  • Create realistic or abstract 3D views on the fly – no manual 3D editing required.
  • Easily assemble and rearrange map configuration files using Carmenta Studio.
  • Optimized to unleash the full potential of multi-core CPUs.
  • Parallel and asynchronous data processing keeps the user interface responsive.

Hardware Accelerated Rendering of Extremely Dynamic Objects

Mission-critical systems often need to handle real-time data streams from external sensors. Handling such data streams can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the map display up-to-date with the rapidly changing information. Thanks to a highly optimized, GPU accelerated rendering pipeline, Carmenta Engine can handle millions of continuously moving objects, without slowing down the system.

Plots can be overlayed on any Carmenta Engine map – benefit from the support for 100+ data formats and high fidelity rendering to create a highly usable map display.

  • GPU accelerated rendering pipeline (OpenGL or DirectX) can handle millions of continuously updated plots.
  • Optimized API (available for C++, .NET, and Java) allows the application to handle plots in batches to minimize overhead.
  • Plots can be rendered either as colored dots or using external symbol files.
  • The plot opacity can be dynamically updated. This makes it easy to for example smoothly fade out old plots.
  • Extension for efficient rendering of radar plots and other extremely dynamic information.
  • Easily handles millions of continuously updating plots.
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