Carmenta Engine Development Course

The best way to kick-start your project. This two-day course is designed to give developers a thorough understanding of the Carmenta Engine toolkit. By combining important theory with plenty of hands-on exercises, it ensures that attendees leave the course fully ready to tackle real-world problems. It is, quite simply, the most cost-effective first step for any professional development team about to start using Carmenta Engine.

There are a number of important elements that need to come together to make a great high performance map application. This is of course particularly true for complex systems like the ones in which Carmenta Engine is typically used.
Developers of such systems face a number of challenges. They need to ensure that their applications are responsive and easy to interact with, but also that they are flexible in their support for different geographical data formats.

In addition to this, most applications handle real-time data that needs to be quickly and accurately visualised in the map as well as in other parts of the application user interface.

This course teaches developers how to handle these and many other challenges. Our instructors are all experienced developers who have used Carmenta Engine to build real-world applications, and are also extremely familiar with the internal workings of the toolkit itself.

Who should attend
The course is primarily designed for software developers. Participants are not required to know anything about Carmenta Engine, or indeed about GIS programming. The programming exercises use C# .Net or native C++ and Qt on Windows or Linux. Please inform us about your preferred platform when you register. Some previous experience in this environment will be useful, but it is not essential.

Availability and registration 
The “Carmenta Engine Development” course is run several times a year a year at Carmenta’s offices in Sweden, Germany, France and online. Please refer to our website for forthcoming dates. This course can also be taught on your own premises, offering the additional benefit of being able to customise the course contents to fit the needs of your development team.

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  • Carmenta Engine Development Fundamentals. Get to know the different parts of the toolkit, including how to integrate it into your development environment.
  • Custom Objects. Learn how to extend Carmenta Engine functionality with its Custom Objects plug-in architecture.
  • Application development. Learn how to handle application data in Carmenta Engine and how to distribute Carmenta Engine applications.
  • Visualising Geographical Data. Learn how you can use the power of Carmenta Engine to create good-looking and informative maps.
  • Carmenta Studio. A number of exercises will teach you how to get the most of the Carmenta Engine Visual Map Configuration tool.
  • Performance Basics. This session is packed with best practices that, when applied, will help you achieve best possible application perfomance.