Fleet Management

Commercial fleet management systems currently use Carmenta technology and products to monitor and track their connected fleets. These systems are management platforms that keep track of route plans, vessel positions, maintenance schedules, engine wear, and cargo data. Carmenta equips these systems with the technology that enables them, for example, to display tactical maps, integrate weather information, and deploy web services.

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Sea Traffic Management - STM

The shipping industry of the future would benefit significantly from support systems that improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. As an active partner in the EU STM Validation Project, Carmenta is committed to making that happen.

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Situational awareness at sea

Maritime Situational Awareness Centre

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ Maritime runs in a cloud environment as an automated command centre. Based on advanced functions that analyse traffic situations to detect anomalies, it can run with minimal manual control. In order to compile a constantly updated Common Operational Picture (COP), Carmenta TrafficWatch™ Maritime uses static sea maps and geodata together with environmental and spatial information collected in real time from online data providers and sensors, such as weather and AIS data.

The primary function of the system is to continuously monitor ships’ operations and status and gather any relevant information that may influence the safety and performance of the ships.

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