Navigation Modules

Advanced geocoding and routing capabilities for any application.

A complete solution for offline address search and coordinate lookups (geocoding), reverse geocoding and routing for applications and large systems, with a flexible and extendible support for address and routing data sources.

Carmenta Navigation Modules is deployed on Windows as a set of RESTful services, allowing integration with a wide range of applications and systems. The services work offline and require no Internet connection, since they are typically hosted locally, on-premise or even on a single PC.

The address and routing data may be imported from various sources, such as HERE and OpenStreetMap, but may be extended to support other sources as well, including integration with Carmenta Engine’s Terrain Routing capabilities, for combined on- and off-routing scenarios.

Address Search (Geocoding)

Rapid lookup of coordinates or addresses, sorted by relevance.

Using the address search in your own address database allows you to locate a specific point from an address string. Carmenta Navigation Modules provides you with a rapid means of conducting real-time searches. The address search function can also produce search results when the input contains simple spelling errors or other incomplete information. In addition, search results may be restricted to an area around a specified location. The address search may also be used for coordinate lookups of complete addresses (geocoding). The search results are sorted according to relevance to produce the most relevant matches.

Reverse Geocoding

Retrieve addresses closest to a point or in an area, to easily communicate where an event is taking place.

Reverse geocoding enables you to retrieve the address that is closest to a particular point, or to retrieve all addresses within a defined area. This makes it easy, based on a reported location, to communicate where an event is taking place, or to find all the addresses in a defined area that need to be informed about an event.

Route Search

Suitable on-road route between waypoints, with optional list of geocoded driving directions.

To provide users with an optimal route through a complex scenario, a routing algorithm automatically calculates the most suitable on-road route from start to end, optionally passing multiple waypoints on the way. The routing results may be used for in-vehicle routing, with the optional list of geocoded driving directions.

When used together with the terrain routing built into Carmenta Engine, combined on- and off-road routing is possible, to find the shortest or fastest route to any deployment area, taking into account terrain characteristics such as incline, type of ground, land cover and other factors. In addition, general no-go areas may be added dynamically for areas that must be avoided when routing.

Please contact Carmenta for more information about combined on- and off-road routing.


Use the demo app below to try Carmenta Navigation Modules! Search for addresses, Points of Interest or routes in Sweden. The address and routing data is based on OpenStreetMap data covering Sweden.
Or use this link for a full sized demo in a separate browser tab.