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Carmenta Engine training now available for online self-studies

June 23, 2021

Carmenta Engine

We are now making our Carmenta Engine Development training material available online for self-studies. Built on the same solid material as our tutored courses, the online self-study version provides a combination of important theory and plenty of hands-on exercises that students follow at their own pace. The course material ensures that software developers get a thorough understanding of the Carmenta Engine toolkit and are fully ready to tackle real-world problems using Carmenta Engine. The self-study course is available for free to all developers with a Carmenta Engine developer license and a support and maintenance agreement.

The course is primarily designed for developers who previously haven’t attended a tutored Carmenta Engine Development training event or developers who wants to freshen up on their Carmenta Engine knowledge. Students are not required to have prior experience of Carmenta Engine, or indeed about GIS programming. The programming exercises use C# .Net on Windows or native C++ and Qt on Windows or Linux.

Carmenta Engine developers with a support and maintenance agreement are encouraged to send an email to requesting access to our self-study course. In the request, provide the following information: your name, e-mail address, license id and whether you want exercises in C# or C++. Read more about the course.