Geospatial Technologies

Carmenta technology is used in the European Maritime Simulator Network

October 19, 2018

The Carmenta Search and Rescue system will be used by both the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency (Sasemar) and the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) during the EMSN SAR, 23-26 October, simulations to evaluate the effect of Sea Traffic Management (STM) services in SAR operations.

During the STM project the Carmenta Search and Rescue system was extended with digital communication to make the communication more effective and reduce the number of misunderstandings. Text messages, positions, search areas and search patterns are now sent digitally to ships and can be displayed directly in the ECDIS onboard.

Up to 30 ships with manned bridges from simulator centers in several EU countries are expected to participate in SAR scenarios in the Strait of Gibraltar. Please read more about the simulations here.