International Drone Show takes place May 29, 2024 at HCA Airport, Denmark.

International Drone Show is hosted by Odense Robotics and UAS Denmark Test Center and the exhibition is a fantastic platform for networking, business and inspiration among industry and end users. At this year’s drone conference and expo you will among others get to meet stakeholders within defence, vertiports, counter drones, service, platform producers and research.

Experience a joint drone demonstration by Carmenta and Airolit when we will be performing a demonstration of autonomous UAV route planning and execution with advanced real-time generation of updated map data.

Airolit will here use tactical routes – generated by our product Carmenta Engine – to autonomously fly undetected and efficiently to one or more observation points where a desired line-of-sight to the area of observation can be achieved. Video and photos can consequently be captured for later visualisation projected directly on top of the Carmenta 3D map.

Please come at meet us in Denmark in May! We will also have a stand where we can demonstrate our products just for you!