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Carmenta Server 4.9 and Carmenta Server Core 2024.0

The Complete Web Map Server Offering

Carmenta Server 4.9 and Carmenta Server Core 2024.0 are the new versions of Carmenta’s web map server products, that together offer support for web map services on a variety of platforms, including Windows Server and container platforms such as Docker Containers.

Both map server products are built on an internally scalable architecture based on the Carmenta Engine map server runtime, providing the very high performance and reliability necessary for mission-critical systems.

Carmenta Server and Carmenta Server Core supports reading of a large number of different data sources on various formats, publishing them as web map services on different standardized protocols, for use as background maps and map overlays in 2D and 3D map clients.

In addition, they also allow publishing of advanced interactive geospatial analyses functions, using either built-in or custom algorithms.

DGIWG Profile Support – WMTS & WMS

Configure your WMTS and WMS services to conform with the DGIWG profiles. Offering such services ensures even better interoperability with DGIWG compliant systems.

Updated INSPIRE WFS Schemas

Schemas for WFS INSPIRE Transport Network model for Railway, Road and Water output have been updated to the latest version. Output for INSPIRE services is now formatted according to version 4.0 of the INSPIRE WFS schemas.

Additional Improvements

The following additional improvements have been made to Carmenta Server 4.9 and Carmenta Server Core 2024.0:

  • Built with Carmenta Engine 5.16, the latest version of the Carmenta map engine
  • Custom Propagation in the Visibility Analysis, a new kind of custom object, the Custom Propagation, makes it possible to replace the propagation model in the high-performance visibility analysis
  • .NET 8.0, updated .NET to the most recent version, .NET 8.0 LTS (Long Term Support)
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