Carmenta Map Builder 3.3

The new version has an updated user interface and supports even more data formats.

For the full list of features and improvements in this release, please refer to the release notes provided with the installation package.

Updated user interface

The latest update to the user interface in Carmenta Map Builder 3.3 includes time-saving shortcuts to the most common settings, making it easier to configure visualisers. We have also updated the project validation process, which now includes a shortcut link from each validation error, taking users directly to the location in the user interface where the setting can be rectified.

Support for new data formats

The elevation layers now support GeoTIFF source data as well as DTED, which means Carmenta Map Builder can use elevation data from a wider range of providers.

Data can also now be imported from Esri File Geodatabases, which means Esri File Geodatabase data can be used in all targeted versions of Carmenta Engine.

We have also introduced a new layer type that enables MapInfo files (TAB and MIF) to be read with preserved symbology.

Include raster cache in output

A raster cache policy can now be set on raster datasets, which means that the data is displayed faster on the clients. The generated raster cache can be included in the output folder or MSI.

Configure and publish catalogue datasets

You can now assign keywords to the datasets in your project and configure them for publishing as catalogue datasets or not. You can also now configure which, if any, of the attributes should be text-searchable on vector datasets.


Carmenta Map Builder 3.3 maps can be used in Carmenta Engine 5.5 or later.


64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 .NET Framework 4.0 or later.