Carmenta Map Builder 3.4

The new version supports packaging of 3D data and customization of the user interface

For the full list of features and improvements in this release, please refer to the release notes provided with the installation package.

Possible to package 3D data

Carmenta Map Builder now contains the possibility to package Collada (.dae) 3D data for use in Carmenta Engine applications. After the 3D has been packaged and optimized for use in Carmenta Engine it will be available as a Catalog Dataset for the target application.

Customize the user interface

It is now easy to configure what part of the user interface that should be visible for the end user, and it is also possible for the end user to easily turn off parts of the user interface that they don’t use. This makes possible to streamline the creation even more than before.
Many other settings that previously only could be changed in the settings file, can now be edited directly by the end user in a new dialog.

Open Street Map without script operators

The output from Open Street Map layers does not require script operators any longer, so you can use the output directly in Carmenta Engine applications without the Carmenta Engine Python API, such as Carmenta Server or applications where you can’t install the Python API.


Carmenta Map Builder 3.4 maps can be used in Carmenta Engine 5.8.2 or later.


64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 .NET Framework 4.6 or later.