Carmenta Map Builder 3.5

With the release of Carmenta Map Builder 3.5 we have made it easier than ever to package data for deployment to applications based on Carmenta Engine 5.15.

Packaging your data in CarmentaCatalog files removes any limitations on file sizes that limited MSI files, they work on all operating systems supported by Carmenta Engine, and there isn’t anything you have to install on your system to use them. All of this is done without having to convert your original data files, so the packaging is extremely fast as well.

In addition to the updated output from Carmenta Map Builder, we also added Geopackage, CADRG, and ARINC-424 as input formats, as well as lots of minor improvements and some bug fixes.


Carmenta Map Builder 3.5 maps can be used in Carmenta Engine 5.8.2 or later.


64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 .NET Framework 4.6 or later.