Carmenta Server 4.6 and Carmenta Server Core 2019.0 released

Carmenta is today pleased to announce two new releases of Carmenta Server:

  • Carmenta Server 4.6 is a minor update to the existing Carmenta Server 4.5.
  • Carmenta Server Core 2019.0 is a new version of Carmenta Server targeting Docker containers, supporting deployment on Windows and Linux servers, hosted or on-premises, as well as major cloud platforms.

Both Carmenta Server versions are built on the open-source .NET Core and ASP.NET Core frameworks.

New features include improved 3D support with a new 3D Tiles service, an optimised Cesium terrain service and improved support for 3D models.

The Vector Tiles support has been enhanced to allow integration with Carmenta Engine-based clients, allowing them to consume Vector Tiles services including styling with a minimum of configuration, as well as support for reading MBTiles files.

Carmenta Server now also includes a new browser-based documentation.

More information about the new releases is available in the document What’s New in Carmenta Server 4.6 .General information can be found in the product page for Carmenta Server

Carmenta Server 4.6 and Carmenta Server Core 2019.0 are shipping now.

Please contact for more information. If you would like to upgrade an earlier version of Carmenta Server to Carmenta Server 4.6, please contact Carmenta support at

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