Meet us at UAV Technology USA and Counter UAS Homeland Security USA

This week you can meet the Carmenta Team at two different conferences in Arlington, USA: UAV Technology USA and Counter UAS Homeland Security USA.

Carmenta’s technology can be used across various Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications, including resupply missions, path planning, threat avoidance, and the establishment of safe and emergency landing zones.

In the context of UAV resupply missions, Carmenta capabilities can both calculate the optimal landing zones for the UAV, and combine this data with a calculation of ground force accessibility to determine the optimal location for landing. To ensure a safe and successful delivery, Carmenta calculations will also make sure that UAVs avoid detection by any known sensors and effectors.

In the evolving landscape of small drones and UAS technology, Counter UAS is more relevant than ever. Carmenta technology can be used to strategically place both sensors and effectors in a C-UAS deployment, to ensure comprehensive protection for the entire airspace. As the proliferation of drones continues, Carmenta remains at the forefront, enabling precise and efficient mission execution while safeguarding against emerging threats.

The Carmenta Team will attend both conferences. We are looking forward to interesting discussions and meetings. Contact Per-Anders Hallqvist, President and CEO at Carmenta Inc. for more information.

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