Summarizing a 2023 that builds for the future

As we begin to wrap up 2023, I reflect with pride on the year’s journey at Carmenta Geospatial Technologies. I would like to take a moment to share some highlights that have shaped this year.

1. Exciting UAS projects

Throughout the year, we have been involved in several significant projects within the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) domain. The HADO project, focusing on routing and management of drones during operations at Heathrow Airport, and a number of defense related UAS research projects, opening up new and exciting possibilities.

2. Carmenta Engine product development

In June, we saw the release of a new version of our core product Carmenta Engine, featuring, among other things, improved nap-of-the-earth-routing capabilities, boosting our UAS offering. The engineering team has further improved Carmenta Server, Carmenta Map Builder and developed a technical preview of Carmenta Tile Engine.

3. Close collaboration with European System Integrators

During the year, we of course also maintained close collaboration with our important European system integrators, such as Thales, Airbus, Saab, and MBDA. Our COTS geospatial products have been selected by many new technically advanced projects, and our engineers have provided appreciated trainings, workshops and expert consultancy services. In the United States we strengthened our presence with a number of important customers in the defense sector.

4. Participation at DSEI and AUSA

In the fall of 2023, our participation at the two world-leading defense exhibitions DSEI in London and AUSA in Washington DC were also major events for the year. The attention and acknowledgement we received from the exhibitions and in customer meetings once again proved that our geospatial products and services are world class. I want to extend my gratitude to all companies and delegations that visited our booths and the incredible feedback we received!

5. The amazing Carmenta team

Finally, I want to direct a special thank you to the remarkable Carmenta team. As always, none of this would have happened without your hard work and dedication. I’m also proud that we welcomed several talented new team members during 2023, with more additions on the horizon in 2024.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the prospects of 2024. We have started research and pre-studies around new releases of our products and I feel confident in that many existing and new customers during 2024 will benefit from our strengthened offering, especially in the unmanned domain. We will also continue to strengthen our presence in both the US and the European market.

Wishing you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to both continued and new collaborations in 2024, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Best regards,
Torbjörn Lönnqvist
CEO Carmenta Geospatial Technologies

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