Carmenta Map Builder


Carmenta Map Builder 3.4 Extensions

OpenStreetMap Extension×

This extension makes it possible to use OpenStreetMap data in Carmenta Map Builder. Easily create detailed background maps directly from downloaded osm or pbf files. The data is visualized using Carmenta’s own, high-fidelity OpenStreetMap cartography. This functionality provides an efficient way to create a background map over a new area, e.g. for demonstration purposes. OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

Windows Installer (MSI) Extension×

This extension makes it possible to package your Carmenta Map Builder projects into Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages. The generated packages contain an intuitive wizard user interface which makes it easy for end users to install the maps in their system. The packages can also be automatically deployed to clients using Microsoft Active Directory technology, ensuring that clients are always up-to-date.

Elevation Data Extension×

This extension makes it possible to add elevation data in the DTED format to your Map Builder projects. The elevation data is visualized as a semitransparent shaded relief, and is also exposed as a data set for use in Carmenta Engine calculations.

Nautical Chart Extension×

This extension makes it possible to add Nautical Charts in the IHO S-57 format to your Carmenta Map Builder projects. The data is automatically visualized according to the IHO S-52 standard. It can be freely combined with other data sources.

Map Package Extension×

This extension makes it possible to build optimized OGC Geopackages directly from your Carmenta Map Builder projects. The Map Packages contain pre-rendered, multi resolution raster images, ensuring maximum performance in your target system. It also lets you convert all the source data into a OGC Geopackage for easier handling in different systems.

Esri File Geodatabase Extension×

Using this extension it is possible to import information from Esri File Geodatabase and use it in all versions of Carmenta Engine that are supported by Carmenta Map Builder. The imported data will be added as separate layers to your project and you can set up symbology in the same way as for vector layers.

OGC Layers Extension×

This extension makes it possible for you to add OGC WMS and OGC WMTS layers as background maps in your configurations. The target system will request the data directly from the specified server once the configuration is installed.

3D Data Extension×

Using this extension you will be able to package Collada 3D models for use in Carmenta Engine applications. The data will be available as a dataset that you easily can access from your application.

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