The Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting is the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America.

At AUSA 2022 we will show how Carmenta’s advanced geospatial capabilities can be used to plan, rehearse, and follow-up your missions. Full support for MIL-STD-2525 and NATO App-6 tactical symbols and graphics enables you to create your tactical training scenario in an efficient and easy way.

As an integrated part of our advanced terrain route calculations, Carmenta’s technology enables the crucial capability to calculate in real-time the travel times for combat vehicles considering the terrain and the vehicle’s characteristics to avoid restricted and dangerous areas. Carmenta’s advanced real-time terrain routing and travel times (isochrone) calculation, for combat vehicles and warfighters can be used as decision support and to simulate the movement of (enemy) forces. It makes it possible for you to calculate and simulate different scenarios based on different risk factors.

Carmenta’s advanced terrain routing can be embedded into the UGV to calculate the “best” route to the target. The “best” route can be the fastest, the safest, the most hidden, the most efficient, or any other optimization criteria that is appropriate for supporting mission success. If the UGV discovers obstacles during its mission that cannot be bypassed, these obstacles can be returned to the terrain routing as restricted areas, and the route is recalculated in real-time.

This real-time capability ensures that the UGV can reach its target destination and helps to accomplish the mission.

The advanced geospatial analysis capabilities Carmenta can also help you to find the best position to observe multiple areas, and at the same time determine where to hide quickly to avoid counter-battery fire.

In air defense and counter UAS, good airspace coverage by sensors and effectors is essential, and understanding airspace coverage can be very complex. To give the operator a clear picture of how good the airspace coverage is, Carmenta calculates and visualizes the airspace coverage in real time in an easy-to-understand way. The calculation is based on sensor positions and characteristics. This allows operators to optimize sensor positioning and increase detection rates.

In addition, Carmenta can calculate UAV routes that avoid or minimize detection by various known sensors or effectors, as well as safe landing sites along the route for both emergency and planned landings. This capability can be used to safely deliver critical supplies such as ammunition and medical supplies to warfighters on the battlefield.

Using augmented and virtual reality it is possible to improve survivability by gaining situation awareness. The important IVAS program is one example where augmented reality glasses will be used to integrate next-generation situational awareness capabilities in various defense systems.

Carmenta’s geospatial functionality can be used as the foundation for your next-generation augmented reality software for situational awareness. You can use the full potential of Carmenta functionality, such as data reading, data processing, and advanced real-time geospatial analysis. At the same time, you can rely on battle-tested software and a company with more than 35 years of experience in mission-critical applications.

Visit us at booth 3054 to learn more about Carmenta’s geospatial analytics capabilities for shoot-and-scoot missions or simply to experience a live demo.