Carmenta is proud to present Critical Software, providing software solutions for mission critical applications worldwide. Their trusted applications are used for operations in space, on the ground and in the water. Critical Software didn’t compromise on the selection of map engine and is using both Carmenta Engine for desktop solutions and Carmenta Server Core for web-based applications.

Carmenta Server Core is Carmenta’s proven and reliable web map server for the Docker container platform. It offers support for a large number of standard and custom geospatial data formats, a rich collection of built-in geospatial analysis functions that may be extended with custom algorithms, and advanced configurable visualisation. Since its first release in 2019 it has proven to be extremely reliable in operational use for mission critical solutions.

In Critical Software’s Sea Search and Rescue solution, Carmenta Server Core is used to provide operators with reliable situational awareness. It reads and visualises S-63 encrypted nautical charts together with all dynamic information necessary, to create the best decision support available.

Carmenta is excited to continue working close to Critical Software. By connecting our engineers with our different expertise areas, we will certainly create more attractive solutions for the end customers.

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