Carmenta Public Safety now a part of CSAM

Carmenta Public Safety solutions are now part of CSAM Health Group.

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Every second counts

Being in the right place with the right resources as fast as possible saves lives, reduces suffering, and prevents unnecessary property damage. But this requires clear communication and smart management of limited public safety resources. Our complete software solutions provide just that – robust systems for managing every aspect of emergency response.


Powering 112 systems across Europe

As technology evolves, 112 dispatch and response systems need to keep pace - while remaining unquestionably functional and reliable. Our primary software product, CoordCom, is relied on to power emergency telephone lines across Europe and the rest of the world. In Sweden, the CoordCom-based SOS Alarm 112 operation serves 10 million citizens and is well known to have set the gold standard for emergency systems of this nature. In total, CoordCom serves as the emergency response system for 11% of the EU's citizens.

Unified solutions, scaled to your needs

How many people do you need to serve? Public Safety solutions can be adapted and scaled to your needs, with scope ranging from single-user up to a system that serves thousands of users with the highest possible level of availability. CoordCom has integrated functions for telephony, radio and data communication. Importantly, the system can be adapted to your specific needs and local working procedures.


Carmenta CoordCom


- a comprehensive emergency response system

Get it right at every step.

With CoordCom, call takers and dispatchers can control and coordinate the entire chain of emergency or incident events, from receiving and identifying an incoming emergency call or sensor alarm to dispatching the right resources to the incident location.

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- emergency response software for emergency vehicles

All the information you need as you navigate to the scene of an incident.

ResQMobile is a navigation and case management application for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, that ensures rescue staff reach their destination as efficiently as possible.

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